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Hello. Newbie here, Im a 44 year old mum and recently been diagnosed with moderate oestoarthris in hips and both knees. Just looking to speak to others in same position, as feel quite frustrated at times.


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    Welcome to Arthritis Care Forums caz from the moderation team

    As mods we are here to help with any problems you may have on the message boards.

    There are lots of lovely people here with a wide range of experiences with arthritis and the problems of living with the condition. Just join in wherever you like you will be made very welcome.

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards.

    Best wishes Mod JK
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    Hello and welcome to the creaky gang - it's not fun being a member, is it? I have OA in both ankles, both knees and its starting in my hips, plus other joints affected by my other arthritis. I'm nineteen years in now and used to it. What has your GP suggested in terms of medication? I take four cocodamol per day to take the edge off and occasionally have an anti-inflammatory but the meds for my auto-immune arthritis generally take care of that side of things. Gentle non-weight bearing exercise is a good thing because that helps to keep our muscles stronger and better able to support the joints but finding our limits with that can take some time.

    I hope you find the forum to be of interest, I look forward to seeing your name here and there around the boards. DD
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    Hello and welcome - lots of people here to lend a sympathetic ear.

    I have RA and some OA, but manage to rub along, and I enjoy coming on here to chat.

    Do keep posting & just jump in anywhere.

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