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Saw the vitreo-retinal surgeon today and we decided that I would leave the operation for now, unless my vision got worse. OK with this and think I'll just have to learn to live with the epiretinal membrane and the slight double vision.

Eye pressures were high, as usual, 24 and 27, yet when he checked them again using a tonometer (it actually touches the eye and is supposed to be more accurate) he said they were 18 with this. Rather puzzled at the discrepancy, but my optic nerve is fine, so if I get the pressures checked annually, this should be OK. Has anybody else had a discrepancy like this?

The next event on the horizon is my foot consultant next week. I've had to use my stick fairly regularly, as walking has been so painful. So we'll see what happens there. If anybody would like to hop into my pocket next Tuesday morning, they would be very welcome.



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    Hi Meg..glad the eye one is over with, hopefully it will be while before you have to go and see them again ..and you can count me in next Tuesday...good luck..I know you are worried...
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    I'm glad the first appointment was a good one, megrose. I'm sorry, I've no ides about the figures. I do hope next week's is as good. Sorry to have to decline poxket duties. My hopping skills don't extend to 5,500 miles :wink:

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