Alcohol/dementia and teh over 40's

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Has anyone heard this in today's news?

Not so long ago there was an article (I'm sure) suggesting red wine protected against it!



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    Please excuse typo in I haven't been on the cooking sherry, (yet)

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    Mixed messages and conflicting 'evidence' and many of the comments on the piece raise the same issues. If the powers that be have changed their advice radically then they need to have a jolly good, easy to understand and scientifically sound reason for doing so - and share that with the public. I read somewhere that the existing alcohol limits are not based on scientific evidence... If the Alzheimer's Society reckons that a glass of red a day might be helpful I suspect that many(most?) folks would choose their advice over that of the confusing and contradictory public health bodies.
    The message I get is that because so many people drink too much, then we should all stop drinking. Never mind about other factors - smoking, weight etc and whether they might be as/more important factors. Use the bogey man of dementia to frighten people into doing what the state wants(this week - it'll have changed its mind the next, but hey if we're all demented we won't notice!)
    Apologies for rant.
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    Daffy I agree with your rant!!! I could have done the same.

    Still going to stick to my own mantra:

    'a little of what you like does you good'!


    Toni xx