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The family across the road from us are smashing my daughter is godmother to their children ,the middle one who is 21 has gone about 10 miles away to house sit for his cousin for 18 months ,he can drive but decided to do an online shop his mum had to phone him to come and collect his shopping as he had put his home address and not his new one ,bless him. :lol: Mig


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    :lol: Thanks mig you have brightened up my day xx
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    oh Mig that is brilliant glad its a male.... :lol::lol:
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    Sounds like something my son would do. Hehehe.

    Reminds me of my dad when he first married mum. Went to work next day (no honeymoon) went back to his old home and sat down to read the paper. When asked if he didn't have a home to go to, he suddenly realised and ran all the way to his new home. Good job it wasn't too far away. x


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    Both good stories those! :lol: