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Hi there,
I'm 39 years old and have suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 26. It has ranged from so severe that I couldn't feed myself (as I couldn't get my hands close enough to my face!), to being almost unnoticeable. And everywhere in between!!
Most days are tolerable from a pain and stiffness point of view, unless I'm having a full blown attack where it's difficult to move and even hurts to breathe! I've tried so many things to improve (diet, yoga, holistic therapy etc..) and nothing so far has been of any great significance. I'd love to hear any suggestions from sufferers who've found anything that works for them.

Thank you!!


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    Hi there

    Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you will find support, advice, mutual friends and light relief.
    I am one of the moderation team, we all have one or more arthritis "hangers on" or look after family with the same.
    If you need help with any of the technicalities of the forum just get in touch via a personal messaage.
    Best wishes
    CK Moderator.
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    Hello and a warm welcome to the forum, its a bit quiet at the min ..but there are many with RA, and lots have had it form being young..I have OA and something else they haven't made up there minds about,you could put a post in the Living with Arthritis or use the search button ..not the one in the pink box its not very good..and just to let you know the forum is closed tonight till Wednesday for an upgrade..I do hope you get has much help has I have.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. It is the best place to be on here with those who truley understand. I have OA and a list of other medical conditions but like Barbara said there are lots of nice people on here with Ra who will be happy to share their tips and advice. I do share the trouble of finding nothing that works for pain, my best buy lately was my rechargable hot water bottle lasts for 5 hours, very much worth it and especially with the cold weather coming up. It doesn't take the pain away but is very soothing. Becks :)
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    Hello, I have an auto-immune arthritis and the joint damage from that has led to osteoarthritis. I am very thankful that I can no longer remember being pain-free because that has made life far more straightforward. I tried alternative treatments before I knew what was going on with me and nothing worked because nothing does - these things do not deal with the underlying cause of RA which is an over-active immune system. By the time I was given the appropriate treatment is was too little too late hence the mess I'm in now. :)

    Whatever measures we take the relief will be limited and temporary, and that includes the medications. What meds have you tried or are you taking? DD
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    Thanks for you replies!

    I was told after having a lot of tests that my arthritis wasn't severe (!!!!) enough for any prescription meds and was advised to take NSAID's like ibuprofen. It can sometimes take the edge off but that is it!
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    Hi Lola,

    Welcome to the forum. I can`t believe you`ve not been prescribed any DMARDs to help to control the RA`s progress. NSAIDs will help with the inflammation, but aren`t a long-term solution. Are you under the care of a rheumatologist?

    There are lots of drugs out there now - I`ve had my share of them since being diagnosed several years ago now.

    Do keep posting.

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