Saying hello again after a long break from here

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I posted in another forum an update on my life but thort I wud post in here and say hello again not bin on for quite a while, just bin sat reading thru a load of my old posts, I really did go thru a bad time back then I'm pleased to inform ppl tho that my life is so much better now although I am in the midst of a flare up again grr but I have a job I love now in stafford where i now reside me and my boyfriend live together in a house we bought this time last year we have a cat and we're getting married in just under 2 months time, my old car did eventually die on me but my bf gave me his car so didn't have to fork out for a new 1 and my monetary situation is so much better, I handle money better now thanx to my bf ☺
Anyway hello again its nice to b back I promise I won't b away so long this time ☺

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