why is it so hard to get the help we should get?

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Hi everyone , I'm a 45 year old male who had Osteoarthritis for 5 years going 6 years
I got my arthritis in 2010 after a serious accident at work.

I had 4 major operations and months of in and out of hospitals, I am pain 24/7 and it starting to get to me .
I don't sleep maybe get 2 hours if I am lucky, I don't get no help I had to fight the government for my PIP , I had Atoms like on my assessments which I had to fight to get sorted.

There no help here in London ,I'm stuck at home as mobility is a major issues ,there time I wish I had my legs chop off .


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    Dear Mills20061970,

    I'm not one of the helplines team, I'm a moderator for the forum - we are here over the weekend whereas the helplines crew aren't.

    I've noticed you've been here before and I noticed a reply from helplines in 2013, I'm copying it here in case anything there can help you.

    You have asked what we can do for you and we provide information about arthritis and helpline support. We have lots of information on managing arthritis and these can be accessed on the following link. In particular you can download our booklets on Living with osteoarthritis and Coping with pain

    Turn2Us is an organisation that you can contact about access to benefits and grants. Their website is on the link http://www.turn2us.org.uk/default.aspx

    You can also call us here on the freephone helpline (weekdays 10am – 4pm) on 0808 800 4050 if you would like to talk things through with one of our helplines members

    All us mods have arthritis or care for someone with arthritis, I have osteo like you as one of my conditions. The pain can become all encompassing, practically taking your life over. That's a bad place to be, have you tried taking antidepressants or talking about being depressed? They have helped me hugely- and for me have a great side effect of being a muscle relaxant- I take mine at bedtime.

    Getting out is important too, Arthritis Care deliver courses in many areas and they also support many groups in local areas, have a look around the website to see if anything is local to you. Chatting on the forum is a positive thing to do, have a look around the different areas, join in where you feel comfortable.

    If you need someone to talk to now please look at the Samaritans website http://www.samaritans.org
    phone number 116 123

    Take care
    Mod Yx
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    Dear Mills

    Thank you for your posting. I am sorry that things are so difficult for you but it is positive that you have reached out and put this posting on the forum. I don’t think I can add very much to the response to you from the moderator. I would like though, to remind you that we are here on the helpline (10am – 4pm weekdays). We are here to provide information and support to you over the phone if you would like to call and talk things through with us.
    You have been given the details of Turn2Us for support in applying for benefits. Another organisation that may be able to help with this is your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau. You can find your nearest bureau by searching with your postcode on their website on https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/
    You also may want to post on the ‘Living with arthritis’ forum to hear about other people’s experiences of managing with arthritis. You can access this forum on the link http://arthritiscareforum.org.uk/viewforum.php?f=8. Is your GP aware of how you are feeling? You could speak to them about how difficult everything is to see what support they can give you.

    I hope the above information is helpful.

    Best Wishes

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