Finding the right footwear for osteoarthritis in big toe joi

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Hello, I've just joined the forum.

I need shoes that have no heel but I'm female and size 9/10 and can't afford expensive shoes so this is the advice I'm really desperately looking for. Thanks, Claire


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    Hi Chaswell,

    Welcome to the forum from the mod team. We are here to help you with any forum issues - like where to find the search button and how to use it :zombie-cat:
    The search button to search the forum is in the pale blue bar just above the forum name. I used the word 'footwear', shoes gave loads of answers :wink: That should be a good start for you.

    Forum members will no doubt be along over the weekend, we are in a bit of a state as the website has just been updated and it has left our forum with a good many glitches to work out!

    Take care
    Mod Yx
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    Hello Claire and welcome from me too.

    Did you find anything useful using the search button? There have been a lot of threads about shoes. Unfortunately, I can't help as I've had to wear surgical shoes for years but, in order to get more replies, try posting on the Living With Arthritis forum. Good luck :)

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