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I've done it! I've done it and with icing and a cherry on top of the cake metaphorically speaking! :lol:

It was my weekly weigh in tonight and last week I'd only lost half a pound leaving me with an elusive one and a half pounds to get off so that I could pronounce to the world "I've lost a stone".

I've only gone and lost 4lbs in one week! 4lbs in one week! :lol::lol: In the words of Victor Meldrew, "I cannot believe it!".

This means I've not only got to my one stone off but have gone past it! I was that chuffed I celebrated with a cup of tea when I got home. I wasn't able to dance up and down sadly due to pain, but in my mind I was leaping up and down 10 feet in the air!

I can't do this without the support from all of you so thanks so much. You'll never know what a difference having the support of all you wonderful people on this Forum means to me.

My next step? To get to my "One and a Half Stone" award. I've broken it down into half stone chunks to make it manageable.

Off for my two finger Kit Kat now - which is my daily treat.

Thanks again.



  • Slosh
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    Congratulations! Well done and just the encouragement you need to keep going. Enjoy your kit-kat.
  • mig
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    HURRAY . :P :D:lol: Mig
  • Boomer13
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    Congratulations! that deserves a big bouquet of flowers. You should be proud of yourself, well done with all the hard work of losing weight.
  • barbara12
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    Wow Grace that is brilliant news ..I knew you would do for the nexr half stone go girl... :D
  • emmaadams
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    wahhooo congratulations xxx

    hope you enjoy your kit kat xxx
  • Turbogran
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    Well done Grace :)
    I used to do the same aim for half stone at a time it easier to stick at it then now cos I am at target my aim is always to remain at target for another month I've been doing that now for 19 months. you have done brilliantly how long have you been going now?
  • GraceB
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    Thank you all for taking the time and trouble to reply.

    I'm still pleased and have been telling as many people as I can.

    Carol - I registered for the group on 31st August and started the plan on 1st September. I've always known this was going to be a long journey so I prepared myself for this fact.

    I've been very careful to stay "on plan". I'm meeting a friend for a coffee next week and she's twice suggested we "have a breakfast" or "what about a scone?". I've been strong and said I'll have either some fresh fruit or a salad as I'm not prepared to go backwards.

    Realistically, I hope next week when I weigh in to stay the same (maintain), if I were to lose even a pound that'd be a bonus but I seem to be averaging about one and a half to two pounds a week off which is nice and steady.

    I've already said to family and friends no chocolates or biscuits for me at Christmas. I don't intend to buy any either! If they're not in the house I can't be tempted. If I am given any chocolates or biscuits I'll donate them to our local Hospice as they supported both my late Father and my late Sister and I know would appreciate that sort of thing for raffle prizes or the patients to enjoy. I do, however, intend to have some treats on Christmas Day and Boxing Day although I will be sensible.

  • frogmorton
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    Well DONE Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I knew you'd do it!!

    Keep on as you are you'll be there sooner than you know :)


    Toni xxx

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