Blowing my own trumpet

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This year as I've gone part time my role at school has changed to one focused on reading intervention as a large part of this is delivering specialist literacy interventions. Last week I had my first observation in years, from the Head, and I was teaching my most needy year 6 group. I got my feedback on Friday and my lesson has been graded as Outstanding! I am feeling very chuffed with myself.

On another note I mentioned a couple of months ago that I was starting a monthly craft stall selling my origami flowers and card. This is also going very well, I have stalls at two larger Christmas fairs in Essex coming out, have been showcased by a UK craft fairs group I've joined, going to be featured (ad) in a South East based magazine's upcoming Arts and Crafts feature and even have my own website.

So as I said, for a day or two I'm feeling chuffed with myself.


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    And so you should Slosh,you've done remarkably well ,proud of you myself.A large but gentle pat on the back.Mig
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    Oh I think you can allow yourself more than a day or two to feel chuffed. After all the difficulties in your professional life over the past year or so this validation is doubly precious I imagine, and for your crafting to be so well received as well is the icing on the cake. Thoroughly well deserved after all your efforts.
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    Thank you, you are right in that it means much more to me as it's so good to know I'm still good at something and that professionally I still have something positive to offer.
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    Well DONE Slosh!!!!

    I bet you were so pleased to have that feedback at school :) Outstanding!!!!

    I am impressed :)

    Also great news about the origami taking off so well. Coming to the end of what could have been a bit of a down-year has turned out to be a year of new, successful, starts :)


    Toni xxx
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    We'll done, Slosh!! It's always good to have good work confirmed, and extra good to be able to create lovely things which people will want to buy.
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    You have every right to blow your on trumpet Slosh after everything you have achieved and everything you have been through.............well done!!! Xx

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