arthritis due to treatment as a child for clubfoot

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I was treated surgically for a clubfoot as an infant which involved bone grafting, physiotherapy and wearing of a aluminium splint at night and having a built up shoe till the age of 15. Treatment left me with the right leg an inch shorter than the left leg and the right calf thinner than the left leg and the right foot shorter and slightly wider than the left.

The affect ankle was been very functional and I has never really hampered in any activity though the couldn't run very fast. Worked as a nurse for 20 years and never had any real issue.

the last four years my right ankle started to swell and became painful. An xray and appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon 2 years has shown that arthritis has affected the right ankle and I will need a ankle replacement or ankle fusion but the surgeon wanted to leave any surgery for as long as possible. Now I am finding that the pain from the ankle is getting worse and there is more swelling and less movement.

I wanted to ask if other adults have experienced this problem and if an ankle replacement is successful with this type of situation?

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    Hi Aliann,

    I’m sorry to hear that the pain and mobility in your ankle is getting worse.
    As you are considering surgery, you may find the Arthritis Care ‘Surgery’ webpage useful for giving an overview of the main issues:

    To learn more about the experiences of other people in your position, it would be worth re-posting your message in the ‘Living with arthritis’ forum. More people will see it in that forum and I’m sure other members would be happy to share their views and experiences.

    It is also important to remember that people’s experiences of all types of surgery are very individual. If you are referred for surgery then you should have a pre-assessment appointment at the hospital where you will be treated. At this appointment, your medical team should give information and advice on the issues that are relevant to you and explain what kind of results you should be able to expect from the different procedures. I hope that during that process you will have the time and the support to make an informed decision.

    If it would help to talk things over in the meantime, you are very welcome to call the Helplines team on Freephone 0808 800 4050.

    With best wishes,
    Rachael, Helplines Worker
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    Dear Rachael

    many thanks for your reply and your advice which is much appreciated. I will do as you suggest and post my query into the ‘Living with arthritis’ forum.

    with thank