Well it had to happen I suppose

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Last week when I weighed in I was surprised to find I'd lost 4lbs in a week and struggled to understand how. I was pleased though and you all kindly celebrated with me, for which I am still grateful.

Sadly as I thought would happen this week is not such good news. I stayed on the plan and didn't cheat. I didn't expect to lose - I'd hoped to maintain (stay the same), but didn't even achieve that! :roll:

One and a half pounds have gone back on! I know it's because my body is saying losing 4lbs in one week is too much when I'm averaging 1.5 - 2lbs off a week.

However, I am still determined to continue chipping away at this. I have still lost 1 stone and 1lb. Now I go again.



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    Don't be down-hearted, Grace, you have done and are doing very well. It is a marathon rather than a sprint and, as the overall trend is down you are doing more than OK. DD
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    You will get there Grace keep having that positive attitude and you will do well as you have done so far, keep up the good work we are all behind you xx
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    Thank you for your replies.

    It's disappointing but I'll keep going. When I'm waiting to go into class I hear a lot of the others say they've cheated, had this or that food they shouldn't have and they expect to gain. If I'd deviated from the plan I'd have been prepared more for this, but that's life.

    I'm a typical Taurean - stubborn so I'll not give up!

    I've had another good day on the plan and hope that next week will see that pound and a half go!

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    Just a blip Grace...some of the weight loss would be water..but dont worry it will go down and you will start to see the changes in your body dont forget to measure yourself..x
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    System in panic mode isn't it? I saw a program about diets and the body tries to 'store' fat!!

    Next week you'll loose again Grace

    Well done though for staying positive :)


    Toni xxx
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    Don't worry Grace it happens to us all we are always told don't look at just one week look at the bigger picture look at how much you have lost over the last month. and just think if youd never started Slimming world you would be heaver still. well done keep it going your doing well :D keep positive. happy to give you any help needed just pm me :)

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