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ESA whilst studying

Cazaline87Cazaline87 Member Posts: 7
Hey does anyone here claim ESA but study at the same time? I've been on ESA since January but started studying at college last month only 2 hours Monday, 2 1/2 hours Tuesday and 8 hours Thursday. I have RA and mental health problems but I'm having an assessment, the work capability one I think in two weeks and I'm worried they'll say if I can study then I can work. I simple cannot do both at the same time and even if I did work then I'd never be able to earn as much I would get in ESA and I run the risk of making my health worse.

The whole point I'm doing this course is so I can become a Teacher and get back into work but it will be another 2 1/2 years before the end of my study and even then I would only ever work part time.

Anyone had similar experiences? I just want to be prepared in advance for my ESA meeting as I can't afford to have them take it away.

Thanks in advance!



  • As5567As5567 Member Posts: 665
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    I was claiming ESA while studying full time at university. The amount I received was reduced in accordance to my income (Student loan)

    If I remember correctly, to be eligible to claim ESA whilst in education you must be studying either a higher education course at a college or studying at a university. I don't remember if the amount of hours studying made a difference. You must also be on the middle/higher rate care of DLA or claiming PIP care component. Without claiming DLA/PIP it wasn't possible to claim.

    That was back in 2013/14 while I was in university, I'm not sure if anything has changed right now but I do remember that most people at the DWP don't know much about this and will get someone who's able to deal with your claim to call you back.
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