2 year old with jia

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My daughter (just2) was diagnosed with jia earlier this year. She has it in her toes ankles knee elbow wrists fingers and neck.....  
She is currently on methotrexate but seems to be really struggling at the moment. Very stressed seems in pain (cradles her hands a lot) she wakes all through the night and pulls at her legs. I don't think it helps that she isn't talking yet as the frustration obvious. I do give ibuprofen and Calpol. Was just wondering if anybody has any other ideas/suggestions? I have a 6 year old son who is fantastic but I feel has taken very much a back seat as Alice demands so much of my time. It's hard to get anything done as she just wants to be help all the time. It's so hard to see as she is normally such a Bubbly child. 
I look forward to hearing back


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    Hi. I don't know about JIA but I know it must be so difficult to watch your child with it. It is very quite here at the weekend but I'm sure someone will come along soon with some support.
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    Hi Jodie and welcome from me too. I don't have a child with arthritis. I had it myself as a much older child than yours (I was 15) and now have grandchildren whom I'd hate to see in the sort of pain that arthritis can bring. It must be doubly painful for a parent when their child is too young to communicate their difficulties effectively.

    Unfortunately, as you yourself will know, parents are busy people and parents of children with arthritis even more so. I hope some will be around soon.

    Meanwhile, I'm wondering how long Alice has been on methotrexate. These meds all take time to work. Usually with meth theu say to give it up to 3 months.. It might be different with children though. I wonder when Alice last saw the rheumatologist and if she's due another appointment soon. If not, and you are concerned, you could ring her rheumatology helpline for advice. Was it the rheumatologist or GP who prescribed the ibuprofen and calpol?

    I feel also for your 6 yr old son who must be taking a baack seat. I'm currently staying with my 6 yr old grandson and I know how they thrive on 1 - 1 contact. This disease affects everyone in a family albeit in different ways. Is his school aware of th3 difficulties he faces? If not, it might help to tell them.

    Please read the posts from other parents to see how they cope and do ring our own Help line people ir a chat would help.

    I do hope things work quickly for your little one and / or you can get some help.
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    Hi everyone I am new to this. So please bare with me. I have a daughter who who has juvenile uveitis arthritis. I first noticed something wasn't right when she start limp walking and wouldn't allows me to put on her socks and shoes. I went countless of time to the doctors about her legs knees and ankles being one finger being swollen. I took them over all 6 months to diagnose her. She wasn't even two years old when the symptoms started. Today she is four years old and has been on methotrexate coming up to two years now. She's hasn't had a flare up in these past two year since being on her weekly injection. My only concern is now they want to take her off it in February and her eye consultant said her eye inflammation tends to reoccur in children who have uveitis when they come off the injection. Although this is a huge milestone for her and us parents but I can not but worry now about her health when she comes off. As I don't want to start all over again from where it all started two years ago. She had to have joint Steroid injection in both knees both ankles both feet and one ring finger. And her daily eye steroid eye drops. I'm just worried she may not have outgrown it. Which is what I'm hoping for. I'm always worried about her health and stressing out every time she gets ill. I'm at a pint were my hair has started to fall out. I get so anxious. And now I'm dreading her rheumatology appointment in February. Thank you for reading my long post. I have been trying to find parents in similar situations for the past two year just so I can have someone to talk to. To happy to have come across this forum.

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