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Back from seeing rheumy and from her point of view everything as it was,very pleased with me,we talked about my kidney problem and she said only if I need surgery(opening up) do I need to stop the humira,so all in all a good app,oh and she said I'm putting on too much weight :shock: but I knew that anyway.Back to see her in 6months.Mig


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    glad all went well today mig ...

    sending warm hugs xxx

    Emma xxx
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    Hurrah! I am pleased, long may humira continue to make things better and brighter for you. :) DD
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    Wonderful news.
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    Excellent news, Mig.

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    Mig sorry I missed pocket duties...but so glad its good you can relax a little..x
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    That all sounds positive....glad to hear it, it's always nice to share the better news too! :)
    Deb x
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    Hi Mig
    Glad you had a good appointment, Good luck xx
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    Glad you had a good appointment mig lets hope all stays positive xx
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    Good news Mig - very pleased for you.