Compressed nerve in neck is driving me to distraction!

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I could just cry and cry. :cry: After nearly a year of being woken 4-5 times every night with numbness and tingling in both hands, I had nerve conduction tests. My rheumatologist suspected carpal tunnel but rheum physio specialist was convinced it was a compressed nerve in my neck because symptoms are only triggered by lying down. So, now we know it is my neck but I'm no closer to resolving the symptoms. I can go on a waiting list for physiotherapy but it's likely to be a short course of treatment which I've had but didn't work. Also, they can never seen to offer my appointment times that fit in with work; the hospital is 25 miles from my office too. I have a fantastic osteopath but at £42 per session, I'm not sure it's affordable. That said, neither is it affordable to have such disturbed sleep.

I don't know where to go from here, so any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you.


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    ((((((((( ))))))))))) just hugs and empathy :cry: , cry if it helps, sometimes we need a therapeutic sob.

    Deb xx
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    Wish I had something helpful to offer but all I can is send you hugs and say I really hope something can be sorted for you soon. (((())))
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    Hi starburst,

    I am sorry to hear this. Could you go back to your gp and explain that you are going round in circles and you have already had physio on your neck which did no good. Perhaps cry at the appointment and say that all this is greatly affecting your quality of life and ask him where/who you should see next. Sleep deprivation is not at all good for anyone for too long and if your sleep is constantly being affected other things will start happening like falling asleep at the wheel perhaps, falling asleep at work and just not being able to function properly.

    I may well be totally wrong here, but I thought there are very few exercises one can do for neck problems unless the physio specialist was thinking that something done hands on would help, but then,why didn't she do it when she gave you her thoughts on your diagnosis.

    I am afraid I cannot think of anything else to do. I feel for you very much though.