feeling down

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feeling particularly low today.
Been to a funeral, had to stand for it. That has affected my hip and knees. Weather doesn't help.
I have an emergency rheumatology appointment Friday and I'm worried that the cimzia I'm taking has stopped working.
I told work I have an appointment and I get couldn't you have it another day (I'm part time) clue is in the name "emergency" and then I got when will you be back. Lol. I'm hoping for steroid injection and fluid to be taken off my knee so not Friday! !
Sorry just feeling down today.
anyone else had an anti tnf fail after such good results for two years? Feelin g like I don't want to "try" another drug.
G xx


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    hi there im sorry to hear your having a bad time latley .. i am afraid i havent had my diagnosis long and am only being treated for OA at the moment ( still waiting on tests ect) . this weather is a stinker at the moment but having to cope with this and be stood up at a funeral no less is going to leave you feeling down ..add to that a very unsympathetic employer who should really know better especially if you are only part time will send anyone of us sane people mad ...

    try and get some rest and maybe some heat on the knee if you can . i sometimes find this better than ice for pain as well as inflammation especially at the moment with the weather being bad .. if you dont have anywhere to go tomorrow just take it as easy as you can you might feel a little better

    having a chat with someone or even on here can make me feel so much better and bring a smile to my face .. or if you like to read or watch a good film can sometimes do it too .. we all have our vices .. mine is books books and more books .. lol ..

    i hope you feel much better soon and hopefully someone might be able to answer your cimzia question ...

    sending big warm hugs

    Emma x
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    Thank you for your kind reply.
    cake and feet up and heat pads has helped this evening.
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    I feel for you, it must be tough when something which has actually delivered on its promises decides to give up the ghost. I'm lucky in that nothing I've taken has made any direct difference so I've never had to go through that sense of loss. I hope your appointment goes well and, if they add a squirt of steroid to the aspirated joint, try to rest the knee for as long as possible after to give it the best chance to work. DD
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    Sending a big hug. Mig
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    Hope you're feeling a little brighter today, attending a funeral can make anyone feel low but having to stand through it is bound to have worn you down.
    I'm not able to advise or comment really on you're meds as I'm quite recently diagnosed. I've got large vessel vasculitis and RA, diagnosed in July and am on MTX and Prednisolone which the rheumy is trying to reduce as fast as possible, currently on 15mg daily.
    What I can empathise with is your exasperation with your work. Like you I work part time (3days a week) but my rheumy clinic appointments are on a Monday which is on of my work days. I've also had the, can't you change the day, question plus they're not that happy because I take the full day off on the appointment day as the hospital is approx a 2hour drive in each direction and I'm really too tired afterwards to even think about work.
    I do wonder if some employers are being deliberately obtuse. They'd think differently if they were the patient!
    Hope today's a better day for you.
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    Thank you. Bad sleep last night but at least appointment is tomorrow morning.
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    Hi. I know what you mean about feeling down. It's 2.45am and I'm up again with pain in both my knees and hip. I hate being up like this as I get tired and then the epilepsy sometimes kicks in the next day which doesn't help the joint pain. It's a vicious circle. Also I have angina, neurofibromatosis, high blood pressure (last measurement at the hosp 201/95) and I've had four functional strokes.(functional hemi paraplegia).
    Sorry for whinging. Just feeling fed up and I'm just having a rant.
    Sorry to hear about your problems too. Sending hugs.