Ten weeks post total hip replacement

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Hello All

As some of you kind folk asked me to keep you posted how I am doing, here is another update.

I am back at work - I work part time three days a week as a med sec in a GP Practice. My colleagues are v kind and i am told to go home early if I get tired, which is really helpful. As I sit and type most of the day, it is not physically demanding, but I do find I get stiff from sitting and try very hard to remember to get up and walk around every hour or so.

Rather unexpectedlyI had to fly to France last weekend to visit an unwell friend - thankfully this was not anywhere near Paris.
I was very pleased with the way my hip coped with the walking at the airport - I decided not to ask for special assistance and of course my flight was at the furthest gate :roll: but it was OK. It is worth noting that any different terrain, steps, hills, slopes, uneven ground, all challenge not only the hip but knees too - my knees got quite swollen over the course of the few days I was away. (they have OA too but normally not too much of a problem)

Ironically my name came to the top of the waiting list for physio which had been requested before my op! - I contacted the department and am pleased that they said I can still go for some extra post op physio, as my first lot has effectively finished, so I am starting that tomorrow. I believe they run a 'lower limb' gym class - sounds fun!

I have noticed quite a dip about half way along the scar, I am assuming this is where muscles are weak and I have lost bulk.
I am pleased to report I can sleep on either side without discomfort now, feel as though I am walking nearly normally. I do notice that I tend to drag the leg and limp slightly when I am tired.

overall I am delighted with progress, I have been very lucky indeed and count my blessings. Regards to all.
Andrea :D


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    Was it luck? Or was it a careful and sensible post-op regime? Of course, it's vital to have a good surgeon doing things right but the rest is up to us and I think you have made your own luck here. Well done!

    (By the way, the airport gates are always the furthest away :wink: )
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