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My old phone was literally on it's last legs so ordered a new phone after deciding which one to have. It came a couple of days later and I have to say I love it! Got the LG G4 and I've kept my old phone number. It's slim, light weight and the power button is on the back. It's easy to use and I've got the hang of it already. Lovely phone and I would recommend it.


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    My Daughter is after a new phone for Christmas so currently looking at the hundreds on offer but this is one that is highly recommended and high up on the list. Glad you are really pleased with it.

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    That's great bubba glad the phone is so easy to use. I got an iPhone 4s from someone free quite like it but had to be shown a few things on it by my great niece :oops: never mind getting there now. Happy phoning xx
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