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It's Thanksgiving in the USA today. We don't celebrate it here. We do have Harvest Festival but that is virtually restricted to the Christian churches.

It seems to me to be rather a lovely idea to have a day set aside for everyone to be grateful – for the harvest, yes, but also for all the other good things we take for granted.

Gratitude isn't very fashionable. We're better at moaning about what we don't have than being grateful for what we do. And 'thanksgiving' takes it one step further. We can merely feel gratitude but we must express thanksgiving.


I'm grateful for friends and family who love me and whom I love...for food, shelter and warmth...for an NHS which is free...for my pension and Mobility Allowance...for friendly, caring neighbours...for all the communication devices (phone, email, skype) which makes the disabled life less solitary...for the people at Arthritis Care who, quietly, unobtrusively and fairly anonymously, keep the forum going...for ordinary people who, by example rather than words, inspire me to try harder and do better...for tea (which I'm drinking now :wink: and without which life would lack a certain amount of daily comfort) and for wine, especially that drunk in the company of the aforementioned friends and family.

All in all, life is pretty good and I'm thankful.


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    I'm thankful for so many things - my wonderful family who make life so special; for the roof over my head; for being able to keep warm & cosy; for the food on the table; for good friends. Also, for the means to enjoy our retirement, & the opportunities it has brought; for living in a lovely place, near enough to coast and country; for being able to read - I can't imagine not having the pleasure of a good book.

    I'm especially thankful for my two grandsons, and their joy in taking part in so many sports,watching them grow in confidence.

    You are right, SW, - we have much to be thankful for.
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    I am thankful for so much..especially my lovely family..when I'm down I sit and take a min ..and go over the things I have to be grateful much to name really does help... :D
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    I am also thankful for my lovely family and friends my GP and consultants and a great team of nurses who look after me well. I am thankful for the condition I have and not the condition I could have had. Too many more to mention. xx

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