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We are back from Prague, which is truly a very beautiful city - we are 'overdosed' on wonderful buildings, music, good food & drink - though Czech food is very hearty. However, they do like coffee & cake of an afternoon, which I had to try, purely in the interests of respecting local customs, of course.

We made use of the hotel's taxis a couple of times, & the 'hop on hop off bus' - I managed a clambering action, not a hopping. I thanked my lucky stars that the steroid injection meant I was able to do some walking, & the 'old world courtesy' to a person with walking sticks was very much appreciated. We managed to see most of what we wanted to, though admittedly, cobbles & walking sticks are not a great mix. The Christmas things going up for the markets were magical - and the mulled wine rather nice.

If anyone ever fancies a trip to Prague, our hotel was really lovely - just off the old town square, lift access to all floors, two hotel taxis with good rates, comfy rooms, and great pillows! I need good pillows!! Breakfast was in with the room rate & I'm happy to recommend if anyone thinks of going.

A really, really good trip.


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    Welcome home, Tezz :D

    It sounds to have been a great trip and, of course you had to do coffee and cakes if that's part of the Czech way of life :wink:

    I congratulate you on managing the bus. A Dutch coach driver once took one look at me, leapt out and said "Wait! I make the bus kneel for you." And she did.

    Cobbles are not good though they can look very pretty. I have to plant each step carefully.

    Ah well, back to reality.
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    Welcome home Tezz..its sounds idyllic ...so glad you enjoyed it...x
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    Glad you had a great time Tezz sounds wonderful xx

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