Windows 10 problem with flashing black screen!

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I know a few of you like myself updated to Windows 10 when it came out, I had my 2nd updates on Saturday and after that started getting flashing black screen when on the interweb. My OH who is a dab hand with computers couldn't figure it out so yesterday when I was at my last nerve with it looked on the official Microsoft page and found you could web chat with technicians. So decided to ask them what they thought it could be. He took over my computer and did a few tests (which was amazing to watch!) and after 3 hours he found the cause my Internet Explorer 11 was corrupt. So he advised it was removed so it didn't effect anything else. So now I'm using Microsoft edge as my browser. I wanted to post this in case anyone else starts getting a black flashing screen. He said there are a few problems with Windows 10 and updates at the moment seeing as it's not been around long.


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    Thanks for posting this Bubbadog. I'm still hesitating on updating my laptop to Windows 10 :D

    Members may also like to know that there are other browsers out there, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera & many more. Plus, always use the latest version & keep it updated for security reasons!

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    Thanks for that Bubbadog.

    I hope it doesn't happen to me :shock:


    Toni xxx

    (I use IE and firefox)