Listened to a favourite Album and brought back memories!

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Was looking on Amazon Prime music to download some music and came across one of my favourite albums by Prince called Lovesexy so got the OH to put it on and it took me back to when I saw the concert of the same name by him in 1988 25years ago! It is my Favourite ever concert because my Aunt worked at the N.E.C (as it was called then) and she got us V.I.P tickets. The stage was a circle and we where seated in the V.I.P section near the front! I remember my eyes never left the stage I was mesmerized I wasn't interested in the famous people sat near us! I never saw Prince come by because he was moved in a box! I was on the end of the row of seats so saw Sheila E (his Drummer) and CAT (his dancer). And when the concert finished we where allowed on the stage my Aunt and Uncle lifted me up and I remember just looking at the Thunderbird replica car that he used at the beginning & End of the concert and these girls where saying 'you lucky girl!' Amazing memories!!


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    You cannot beat music for bringing back precious memories.

    Last time I went to the NEC was to see the World Gymnastic Championships. I paid for gold tickets and they started to walk my Daughter and I up to the high seats. I complained so get seated behind the royals!

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