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On planes. (DD's little rant reminded me.) Quite apart fro those who lug the kitchen sink on board.....there's always someone whose large bag has to have priority.

Coming back from LA recently it was a young man opposite who nearly demolished the plane trying to ram his trolley where it wouldn't fit. One of the crew turned it round for him so's it would fit but he wanted it handle side out, presumably so's at the other end he could be first in the queue as we all waited 1/4 hr for the portal to arrive. Why? What's to be gained?


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    You are so right,Sticky. On the plane back from Prague the man sitting across the aisle from us literally barked at anyone trying to fit luggage in this same locker as his because he'd bought fragile Christmas decorations & didn't want them bumped. He was really rude. They also caused problems when the payment card wouldn't work and they claimed they had no cash whatsoever.

    I - who had reluctantly decided against buying Christmas ornaments, because of their fragility, wished I could throw the pair of them out of the hatch!
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    I remember watching people holding back with there hand luggage then they could be first off, and hanging back getting on the coach then they could be first off at the other end..I would rather take it has it comes...