Why don't supermarkets.....

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1. Have a 'lost husbands' section? (I just wait by the booze. He always turns up eventually.)

2. Issue nosebags to people who spray their sneezes all over everywhere like the woman I spent ages trying not to follow today.

3. Issue anti-bac wipes by the trollies like they do in USA?

4. Regularly (to show they mean it) ask customers not to park in BB bays unless they themselves are a badge holder? (Unlike the young woman who shot out leaving her aged passenger – no doubt the badge holder – in the car.)

Guess where I went this morning :lol:


  • theresak
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    Funnily enough, I wait by the booze too - our menfolk must have a `homing mechanism.`

    I confess, I carry the anti-bac wipes in my pocket everywhere, but having them provided would be nice.

    Nosebags sound good - perhaps we should be like the Japanese, and all wear a surgical mask. They were out in Prague in abundance : Japanese & masks, I mean.

    I don`t think any supermarket enforces the Blue Badge rule properly - we don`t really matter.
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    I have often thought why they dont have trackers for husbands..ones that you can speak to because mine never has his phone on him...
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    Mine has his phone Barbara, on silent, and can be located leaning somewhere, (in everyone's way), looking at the 'results' on it :roll:
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    The trouble with a Lost Husband crèche is that they wouldn't be able to find it because they know where they are. I lose mine because he is short - I will bellow 'HUSBAND!' when I spot him at an aisle crossroads. He does, however, suffer from bouts of SD (selected deafness) so still wanders off. We try not to supermarket together and when in town on a Sunday we communicate via text.

    Anti-bac wipes or gels is an excellent idea, although I have mine to hand. I happily wipe things that someone has sneezed over and if they ask why I tell them. People are genuinely clueless. And stupid. And usually basically healthy, the biggest curse of all, so they don't have to think about the needs of others.

    I've come across one small supermarket which had one BB space - the employees would take it in turns to monitor the space for around 30 minutes each. It changed ownership, no longer a brand name, in fact it's a waste of space when it comes to shopping and the BB space is anyone's. DD
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    dreamdaisy wrote:
    I happily wipe things that someone has sneezed over and if they ask why I tell them.

    The trouble with the woman in question was that you'd have needed an anti-bac sheet. She was sneezing uncontrollably, had no hanky, just put her hand up to her nose every time and, in the supermarket lights, you could actually see the huge waterfall spreading onto all the shelves. I refused to go down an aisle she'd been on but kept finding her coming towards me anyway.

    Re the small husband / tall shelves problem - could you attach a flashing light to his head? Maybe buy one of those dog-training buzzers so that he comes when called? I guess a dog treat wouldn't work. Maybe a tot of rum? The underlying idea is that our husbands associate us with good things not bad. After many years of marriage though it's a tough obstacle to overcome :wink:
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    I find mine by the cream cakes,I could do with an electronic devise that zaps him when he reaches for one. Mig
  • stickywicket
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    Why didn't I have a zapper when my kids were young? How about a taser, mig?
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    Great suggestions.
    As for the spaces...I get so fed up when I see spaces taken, badge displayed and the passenger/driver who is probably the badge holder still in the car. Also people using them because they have had an accident, because the parent and child bays are full, or because it doesn't matter as they are "only going to be a couple of minutes ".

    I've reported cars using spaces with no badges to security staff before as well as making complaints to the chain with orange bags but nothing seems to change.

    The other suggestion for a male creche would be in the electrical section, but it could get expensive.

    Also how about handy staff who could reach for items which are low down or high up?
  • tkachev
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    It doesn't matter how many times I tell him but he always leaves me
    trailing behind with arms full of food trying to catch up with the trolley.

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    Micro-chip, GPS tracker, one of those remote dog training devices, and a link to the supermarket CCTV and tannoy system...
    Both John Lewis and M&S in the nearby city used to have areas set aside for waiting OHs of the male persuasion on the women's clothing floor. Don't know if they still do as I've not ventured into those areas for many a long year. The M&S one used to have papers for the poor things to read, although I always thought that could cause problems if the 'wrong' ones were all that was available.
  • stickywicket
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    Slosh - I think supermarkets will never enforce the BB 'rule' because, strictly speaking, BB's are issued by councils for roads and other municipal areas. Supermarkets et al just give 'discretionary' spaces but, if they tried to enforce them, they'd annoy one lot of customers at the expense of another. Mind you, it's possible to buy stickers which proclaim that the space is for BB holders only and that 'ignorance and laziness do not count as disabilities'. I have been tempted for a long time but would hate to stick one on a car whose very disabled owner had simply forgotten to put the badge up. Or even in the case I cited where the badge owner would probably be devastated. (She looked too old and frail to take on the healthy 'daughter?')

    tchakev - Oh yes! Been there and done that far too often.

    daffy - slight overkill do you think :lol: Mind you, if only DIY stores would have similar seats for females. It's now getting so's I won't venture into one without the wheelchair as he stands drooling and musing for ages.

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