Is this the quickest appointment ever!!!

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Saw my GP last Friday afternoon and have to go for an abdominal ultra sound to rule out gall stones, I have received an appointment today for next Wednesday I cant believe how quick the appointment is. Can anyone beat this? xx


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    It wouldn't happen this quickly here, but I'm glad you're having it sooner rather than later, and I hope it goes well for you.
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    Hi, my experience was rather different to yours but I had abdominal ultrasound for gallstones within 12 hours of diagnosis.

    I was carted off to A&E via ambulance 2.30am 19th Nov, as I'd had what turned out to be 8 spasms one after the other due to gallstones which I didn't know I had. I had blood and urine tests done in A&E, chest x-ray, was examined and was told they thought it was gallstones. They said I'd be contacted later that day for an emergency ultrasound either that day or the following one. At 9.30am my phone rang, 11.50am I was having the ultrasound, and by 12.45pm the surgeon had confirmed I have a lot of gallstones and my gallbladder is inflamed and I was on their emergency surgical list to have my gallbladder removed. I was given a gallbladder diet sheet (effectively your diet must be practically fat free) and went home. I subsequently checked how long the wait was for surgery - was told even though I'm an emergency I could wait 18 weeks on the NHS so I triggered care through a healthcare scheme I belong to.

    I hope you get confirmation one way or the other. Please let us know how you get on.

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    Best of luck to you both that's all I can say


    Good old NHS!!!


    Toni xxx
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    Oh Marie, I'm so pleased it's come through quickly. I had that scan last year and it's nothing to worry about at all. A very dishy young man puts gel on your tummy and gently rolls a scanner over it. You just lie there and dream dreams. Then he tells you you have a few small gallstones but then so do most people your age. Do they bother you? No. OK. All quite pleasant.

    Actually, I did once get a quicker appointment. back in 1981 I saw the rhe rheumatologist who confirmed I needed new knees sooner rather than later. I drove home and was getting myself a late lunch when the phone rang. Could I come in now :shock: I rang Mr SW at work and arranged for a friend to pick up the boys from their primary school while he drove me in. Brilliant.
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    Thanks ladies. Grace I hope you get word soon to get the op done and out the way keep us up to speed how things are going.
    Sticky I think you hold the record don't think you could beat that, as for young good looking doctor I don't have that kind of luck :frown: and unfortunately my tum has been bothering me, I have had ultrasounds before so not in the least bit phased about it just what the outcome may be xx
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    My goodness that is quick Marie...less time to worry...I will be in pockets duties and hope it all goes well..x

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