Oooh, the sheer frustration............

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.............of having made 1.5 dozen mince pies, the realisation that you forgot to ask OH to open the new jar of mincemeat before he went out., so you can't fill the pastry cases.

Off now to gnash my teeth!


  • stickywicket
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    Oh dear! Soooo annoying.

    Short term – have you tried running some very hot water into a bowl and putting the upside down jar of mincemeat into it for about 30 seconds. This sometimes results in the metal (or glued with mincemeat, jam etc) lid loosening slightly and being more amenable, briefly, to being removed with a dry cloth.

    Long term – can't beat an electric jar opener. More reliable than husbands :wink:
  • frogmorton
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    Oh no!!

    Nip to the neighbours for help???

    Toni xxx
  • theresak
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    Neighbours away, Toni, and the ones next door are at work, but...........salvation came in the shape of a delivery man bringing a parcel for next door. Conversation went like this:

    Him - " Can you take a parcel for No.3?"

    Me - "Can you open a jar of sweet mince for me?"

    Him - " Deal."

    Me - " Thank you."

  • villier
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    Yay!!! glad you got your dilemma sorted Tezz one good turn deserves another :presents: xx
  • barbara12
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    Good thinking he was glad to help.. :xmas_confused:
  • Turbogran
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    quick thinking there and the deal was done ha ha :carolers: :xmas_cool:
  • tkachev
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    Quick thinking Teresa.

    I usually forget to ask OH to put my socks on before he goes out but don't think the parcel man would oblige!


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