What a week of appointments!

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Well I'm glad this week's about over. Rheumy appointment on Monday, OccH on Tuesday, and Formal absence meeting at work on Friday. (And mustn't forget the hair appointment on Friday too!). Throw in the general anxiety and nerves over the meetings and you'll understand why I'm frazzled now.

Rheumy appt was good. He's pleased with my progress and has lowered my steroids from 15mg daily to 12.5mg daily for a month followed by one month at 10mg daily after which he'll see me again. Only problem here is that I've only got 5mg tablets so taking 15 one day and 10 the next until I get my new prescription. Do you think GP will give me a Christmas selection box of different doses of steroids?! Rheumy happy with my WBC, says he'd be more concerned if it went down rather than it going up. He did check the figures again when he said it so I'm happy cos he's happy.

OccH appt was fine and really just went over what was done at last meeting and got updated on how I have been since then. I'm covered by the Equalities Act and she has put in her report that given the nature of the illness there will be relapses but they are unpredictable.

So that's me for now. Next week I've got a review appt with GP and I suppose I should consider getting a blood test before Christmas. Hubby has a week's leave next week and has promised to cook me haddock and chips and also (on a different day, I presume) oven baked salmon, so looking forward to that.

Love to all, hope you have a good weekend



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    Glad they all went well, must feel like an early Christmas present!
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    I'm glad that's generally good news but I'm not sure about juggling the steroids like that. I think you should check with your local pharmacist.

    I have a pre-Christmas blood test booked for next week. Best to get them out of the way in my view :areindeer:
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