Am I getting a bit carried away?

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I was talking to some friends this morning. They are going to visit their son in Australia on New Year's Eve. J said they once flew out on Christmas Eve and "...when we got to the dateline the pilot announced that it was now Christmas Day so we could all wish each other a Merry Christmas."

Just very, very briefly, and probably because a pilot on one of our planes had once announced that, if we looked out on the right we could see the Northern Lights, I thought she was going to say he told them if they looked out they could see Santa on his sleigh.

Some of us never quite grow up.


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    And why should we? I always follow the NORAD Santa tracker every Christmas! :santa2:

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    So if it's not Santa who eats the mince pie left out for him, who is it?

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    When we went to New Orleans a few years ago it was New Years Eve and at Midnight the Pilot announced 'Happy New Year!' which was great and we had champagne. Then when we got to the cruise ship in New Orleans it was 11.45pm so we got to celebrate the New Year all over again, Wonderful!! :cheesygrin: As for seeing Santa it isn't Christmas if you don't see Santa!! :santa:
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    I think Christmas is the time to let out our inner child.
    I'm taking my Grandchildren for lunch with Father Christmas next Monday, can't wait to see their faces, all they know is Granny has a special treat for them.

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