Not been very good

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Since coming off Hydroxychloroquine I've started suffering with certain joints including shoulder & hips. And I've been really suffering with my operated on foot a lot. It's swollen up where the bunion was and can hardly walk on it. At least I'm seeing my Bunion Consultant Thursday to see what he thinks. Then early this morning I woke myself because my right knee locked up and it took forever to get it to unlock. So I've decided I'm going to call my Rheumatology Nurse tomorrow and see what she says as my next Rhummy apt is not till March. I really don't want to suffer over Christmas. :xmas_cry:


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    Oh Bubba sorry to hear you are suffering I hope the Rheumy nurse can sort you out, good luck with your appointment ((((())))) xx
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    I hope things improve soon. DD
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    Sorry to hear this, hope you can get some useful advice tomorrow
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    Sorry to hear you are struggling. Hope you get to have some Rheumy advice and support which helps.

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    So sorry to hear that you're having a hard time. I hope the rheumy nurse is able to help tomorrow.

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    I hope, between them, they can help.
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    Thank you everyone for your kind words. :candycane:
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    I really hope that things settle down soon and that your rheumy team can make some good suggestions.

    Deb x