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Hi, diagnosed with RA and osteo in 2011, tried sulfasalazine no good then moved onto methotrexate. I took this for four years blood tests always good but late last year started to develop sore throats, several visits to GP medication always blamed so I stopped taking in January 2015. Referred to ENT and diagnosed with cancer in the tonsil in March. Operation to remove tumour (5cm tumour) then six weeks Radiotheapy and Chemotherapy. During this time had no pain or problems with arthritis but since the treatment stopped in June I've had various flare ups. Off to see the Rheumy tomorrow and she wants to put me back on Methotrexate but as you can imagine I'm not very keen as I blame this drug for the slow diagnosis of my cancer. I've only ever taken methotrexate and sulfasalazine so I'm not sure about next steps. I had steroid injections in October which work but don last long, at a loss where to go next on the drug front


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    Welcome Bigjav to the arthritis care forum. Well done on radio/chemo - I hope that's the end of that problem

    The forum are a lovely, friendly group who will be along with support and understanding.

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    Oh heck, I am so sorry. I take a triple therapy for my auto-immune arthritis, namely tablet sulph daily, weekly injected meth (15mgs) and fortnightly injected humira. I am not sure if meth would cause a cancer because it is used in its treatment but I am only arthritic. I know there are others on here who have recovered from various cancers and I hope they spot your post, so can reply better. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Bigjav and welcome from me, too.

    You've had a very rough ride and I can understand you blaming methotrexate for your cancer. However, I'd be guided by your rheumatologist.

    I had breast cancer over 20 years ago long before I started taking methotrexate. I, too, was amazed that my RA didn't flare at all when I was having chemo but it was only later that I discovered methotrexate is an ingredient in most chemo. In fact, it was first brought out as a chemo drug and is given in much larger doses for cancer treatment than we take for arthritis. I began taking it for my RA in about 2000 and it's really helped.

    Cancer can arise for all sorts of reasons some to do with lifestyle (poor diet, smoking etc) and some unknown. I've no idea why I got mine. There was none in the family, I'd smoked, briefly, when younger and had a pretty healthy diet. It happened. But, fortunately, surgery and chemo cured me. And I've taken methotrexate for 15 years now with no ill-effects.

    I don't know what your rheumatologist will suggest. There are other DMARDS and other treatments. I suggest you tell her how you feel, lisen carefully to the answers and take your time to make a decision. I do hope it proves to be the right one for you as mine did for me.

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