Migs saga continues

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I saw my GP this morning about blood results and my vitamin D levels are right down and she thinks this is effecting my thyroid levels so I am on a big dose of vit d for 4 weeks and then a lower dose daily but she will order another blood test in 4 weeks.We talked about the fact that I am being sent back and forwards between urology and gynaecology and not getting anywhere she was a little bit cross so she has ordered a routine scan herself as it says in one of my letters that I would be seen after my next scan which I don't have an appointment for,she said not to panic but prolonged bloated kidneys can damage the affected kidney so she wants it sorted pretty quick,I also had a quick water test to rule out any infection which could be making me want to pee all the time,she thinks this could be the cyst putting pressure on my bladder,the test was clear.
The gynaecologists secretary hasn't got back to me but Im not surprised.Hope all this makes sense. Mig


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    Mig, sounds like your GP is understanding and a good listener. I hope the test being done this morning reassured you a little. I also hope that you get your scan asap and you get some answers soon as to what's going on and that the vitamin D makes a difference.

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    Oh Mig, what a palaver but it's good to know that you have an empathetic GP on your side. I hope some answers start coming through soon and that this can be sorted. ((( ))) DD

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    This is where GPs come into their own, in taking overall responsibility. Yours is clearly ensuring you don't pay any penalty for delays elsewhere. The Vit D could make a big difference too. I hope so.
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    Oh Mig, what a carry on! A good GP is worth their wait in gold, and yours seems to be pulling for you, thank goodness. I do hope you don't have to wait long for things to be resolved.
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    Glad to see you have as good a GP as I have mig she really seems to be on the ball lets hope you get some answers soon (((()))) xx
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    It does make such a difference to have a supportive GP and one who will do all they can for you. It must be worrying but I hope you get your scan soon and the results.
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