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It was my weekly weigh-in day today.

Another 2lbs has gone! So, total to-date is now 1 stone 9lbs off. My "tonnage" figure has changed yet again - I may be x stones & 13.5lbs but "x" has gone down again. That's important for me.

My Christmas Day treat (as two traditional roast potatoes are now out of bounds thanks to my gallbladder!) will be a serving of trifle for pudding. Got to have a treat of some sort!

So yet again, another week starts and we'll see what next week's result is. Next goal will be to get to my 2 stone off.

I've now got four stickers and certificates (half stone, one stone, slimmer of the week and my one & a half stone award).

Thank you as always for your encouragement. It means a lot.



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    Well done, you must really be noticing a difference, and I think you deserve a Christmas treat :presents:
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    Sorry, I missed this yesterday, Grace. Belated but sincere congratulations. You're doing very well indeed.

    Is that right that two roast potatoes, even with just a smear of oil / fat, are less harmfull to the gall bladder than creamy trifle :o Crikey, you live and learn.
  • villier
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    Brilliant Grace you are doing so well, you more than deserve your trifle enjoy!! Xx
  • Turbogran
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    Well done Grace.
  • GraceB
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    Thanks for your replies and continued encouragement.

    SW - I have to confess. The trifle will be out of box by a well known make. :oops: I'll be making it up and thought I'd put sponge cakes in it instead of the sponge fingers which will be in the box. However, looking at the fat content of the sponge cakes I may have to limit those as well. There'll be no cream with it sadly as that's not allowed for me either! My 91-yr old mum is having lunch with us Christmas Day and she'll have a serving of the trifle here and will take another home with her. I'll end up with one serving only of this as my other half will have the rest Boxing Day. I can't eat Christmas Pudding due to the diet, the gallbladder and the fact I'm nut allergic. (Never did like doing things by halves!)

    With regards to the roast spuds, although I use olive oil I can't take the risk of eating more than a few grams of fat during the day in total so I'll be using my spray for those now.

    I will, however, enjoy my meal and the few treats that I can build in! :areindeer: :carolers:

  • frogmorton
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    Grace that is fabulous news :)

    I am so pleased for you!

    Maye it's a 'good' thing you can't have much fat?? At least gallbladder agony will motivate you to avoid some of the seasonal temptations ;)


    Toni xx :areindeer:

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