A Very Happy Christmas

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I`d just like to wish all forum members a very Happy Christmas, and a Happy New Year - one that is as painfree as possible.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas one and all.

:carolers: :santa2: :candycane:


  • hileena111
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    Hi Tezz

    I hope you and family have a lovely Christmas as well
    :presents: :carolers: :areindeer:

    This applies to all other forum members as well

  • [Deleted User]
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    On behalf of all the Mod team, Happy Christmas to you/us all - a very special group of people who know how to laugh, live and love.

    We'll be with you over the holiday, thinking it might be quiet we would like to join in if that's OK

  • hileena111
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    Hi Mod
    Of course its OK to join in ...The more the merrier
    It will be very quiet if other years are anything to go by :lol:
    Hope all the mods have a Merry Christmas as well and that we all have as pain free a New Year as possible :wink:

  • stickywicket
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    You too, Tezz, and everyone else of course including Mods without whom we wouldn't be here. Actually, I won't be here much as of tomorrow but I hope everyone manages the Christmas of their choice with just a few concessions to the arthritis. Have fun everyone - that's an order :presents:
  • barbara12
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    Thankyou and the same to you Tezz and everyone else ..hope its has pain free has possible ..
    And thankyou Mods for all your hard work...xx :presents:
  • mig
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    Well done mods another great year,please don't ferret about in the under the stairs cupboard in the cafe the brews in there for next years halloween. Cheers all. Mig :presents: :xmas_cool:
  • slomo
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    Hope you all have a lovely time. Let's eat drink and be merry in our own unique ways.

    Love to all

  • bubbadog
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    Hope you all had a merry Christmas and ate, drank & enjoyed the last few days! :cheesygrin: And thank you Mods for such a lovely message this site has helped me to turn my frown upside down and made living with this horrible illness much easier. :areindeer: