6 Year old with Polyarticular on Etanercept

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Hi there we are new to the forum but it has been recommended to us to maybe talk to other people in our situation. My daughter is 6 and has been on Methotrexate for a year and Enbrel for 6 months. I was wondering if anyone's little ones have any side effects from the Enbrel? My daughter is losing a lot of weight and is very pale and nervous all time with a severe thirst. Seems worse since started the Enbrel. Her consultant is brilliant and we are awaiting lots blood test results this week. Enbrel has been amazing for her however we still think there is active arthritis rumbling in background. Just wondered if anyone else was in a similar situation !!


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    Hello, I am saddened to read your post. I took Enbrel as an adult, it didn't work for me but I know it has for others. It seems wrong that little ones are having to deal with this nonsense, yes? Usually I would advise that you post again on the My Child board but, needless to say, at this time of year it's quieter than usual.

    I am helpless but I am thinking of you. I wish you well. DD
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