Christmas chaos lies all around

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Every year it's the same. A big mess, nothing ready on time, extreme tiredness and the wishes to santa not to bring a flare for christmas :? I think I'm even more behind this year and, with an exhausting day yesterday, not much will be done today. It all feels so normal now :D I guess this is progress.

I really wonder why this time is called "the holidays" ?


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    Christmas is tough for us arthritis sufferers and I've had more than my fair share of guilt over the years. It isn't easy at all.

    We only just finished decorating the tree today. but at least w.e have one, last cards were sent this morning.

    OH will do the shopping otherwise it is beans on toast.

    I'm a big fan of Christmas bags instead of wrapping as long as you tie up the top so they can't peep. Cheques and vouchers are just as welcome as gifts to cut down on frantic shopping.

    I'm not sure why we put ourselves through it all!

    Elizabeth xx
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    Decorations up yesterday, still got some cards to post (yes I know they won't get there before 25th but technically Christmas doesn't start until then), got cards for neighbours to write and deliver and then family presents to wrap for the big day. Oh, and a new boiler to be fitted tomorrow! Taking my time over it all.

    Had a lovely day today though, took my daughter and Grandchildren to a local tearooms for lunch/afternoon tea with Father Christmas. My two Grandsons didn't know what to say when he came in and sat at our table, it was a real magic moment.

    They both said it was the best day ever, and Luke who had been asking questions as to whether Father Christmas was real (due to another child at school ), went home and told his Dad that Father Christmas is real because he'd met him and talked to him.

    Feeling it now as it was a lot of driving, just under 4 hours in all in 4 chunks, but well worth it.
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    I have to admit to cheating with my Christmas shopping. :presents: Cash for all my nephews & nieces, books & toys I was able to order online (and have delivered to home) for the great-nephews and great-nieces. All chocolates, biscuits and smellies came from a well-known supermarket beginning with "T". :xmas_rolleyes:

    Christmas cards were done late November and all were posted early December but I only ever send second class. I have to be organised as I have three lots to deal with - my 91-yr old Mum's; my partner's and the ones for my family.

    Christmas gifts have mostly been handed out - to one or two people who act as "distribution centres" for me - with texts having been sent to tell those affected where to collect their gifts from. The remaining two gifts are being handed over Wednesday this week so they'll all be gone soon and I'll have my cupboards back!

    Thankfully we won't have to attempt this mammoth task again until next year!

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    Boomer I hope today is not too bad for you ...I have done most of my shopping on line, and bought bags for presents instead of wrapping them..and Im still tired, but happy its all done for now... till the big day..hope the flare leaves you before then ..have a lovely Christmas..x