I'm still fading away!

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Well, it was weigh-in day today and another 2lbs have gone. :lol: Grand total is therefore 1 stone, 11 lbs. Only another 3lbs to remove and then I'll get my 2 stone award. I'd like to get to that point in time for my gallbladder surgery which is 16th January.

With it being Christmas this week my intention is to try and remain the same weight. Realistically I don't expect to lose this week as although I can't deviate too much from my diet thanks to the gallbladder, I do intend to have a couple of treats although I'll do my utmost to make allowances for the treats.

To be honest I've got so used to my diet plan it's become a way of life now so I don't think I want to deviate too far from it, if that makes sense.

I went to see a friend this afternoon after I left work. I last saw her in the summer and she was astounded when she saw me and was delighted for me. It was so lovely to have that reaction.

My colleagues at work are flabbergasted that I've been able to ignore all the Christmas chocolates and treats in the office. I've taken a few chocolates but my other half has eaten them for me.



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    Well DONE Grace!!!!!!!!!!!


    That couple of lbs will be gone for your gallbladder op I am certain and of course while recuperating from that you will doubtless oose even more!

    I am taking your quote on board and turning a negative into a positive :)

    Best of luck


    Toni xxx
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    Well done Grace, bet you cant quite believe it...you keep up the good work... :presents: x
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    Wow!! That is amazing. Well done.
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    Well done Grace I lost 2.5lb this week don't know how but it has pu me in a very good position to have a good Christmas without to much damage Have a good Christmas :presents: :presents: :presents:
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    Thanks for your replies and continued encouragement.

    Confession time re naughty food:
    Christmas Day I had two portions of B**ds trifle, a piece of cheese (reduced fat) on toast with ketchup and two chocolates.
    Boxing Day I had 4 chocolates (but they were instead of my usual chocolate treat).

    Apart from my transgressions above I've been sticking to the plan, and have been helped in this by my gallbladder, although that had been behaving itself. This morning I decided to have half a grapefruit before my cereal for breakfast. Within an hour I was extremely uncomfortable although thankfully my gallbladder didn't spasm. The different food was - wait for it. The half a grapefruit! I'd not had that since last week and after today I now realise that it may have irritated me before but I hadn't twigged.

    My friend's husband is tomorrow being given a gift of two red grapefruit (I can't abide waste!) and they'll be a treat for him. Shame as these were a good source of a "speed food" for my diet, a portion of fruit and in theory 'good for me'.

    Ah well, my loss is someone else's gain.

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    Ooh - I forgot something from my confession. Sorry, I hang my head in shame. :oops:

    My partner has eaten three packs of ready salted crisps over the Christmas break - on two occasions I have had two crisps out of his packs! Couldn't risk any more due to the gallbladder sadly.

    I'm now keeping my fingers crossed for my weigh in on Wednesday - if I've stayed the same I'll be delighted. I don't for one moment expect to have lost anything but you never know!