Do I care? Not a lot!

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Mr DD and me did an early morning run to the local Co-op for veg and salad stuff. (Me because I wanted to, him under sufferance thinking he was helping - and I couldn't tell him he wasn't). End result everything done in under 20 minutes.

At 5pm I realised I hadn't bought celery or beetroot (for the Boxing Day cold cuts).

Do I care? Not a lot! :candycane: DD
Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben


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    sort of thing i'd do DD infact went to make a salmon pate thing tonight and realised I had forgotten the fromage frais ha ha so needless to say we do without Merry Christmas
    Stay positive always👍xx
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    So long as it was only the rabbit food bit of the menu you forgot DD. Might have been more of a problem if the cold cuts were missing, especially for the male of the species...
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    That's what happens when you take a Mr with you :xmas_rolleyes:

    I am sure we'll all have a lovely Christmas day :)