Easter eggs

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Yes.....Easter eggs are already on the shelves in many shops. They don't wait for anything these days.


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    So much for Dave C saying we're a Christian nation...we're not even out of Christmas yet - and RE is a compulsory subject on the curriculum!
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    Can't be Daffy!

    Did you see Gogglekids?

    They definitely don't even know their basic bible stories :xmas_rolleyes:

    Easter eggs Ron? :santa:
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    Ron its awful, and Toni I did see gogglekids what are they reaching them these days.. :xmas_rolleyes:
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    Yep RE is compulsory nowadays. Its mostly about crime and punishment though.

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    All Old Testament stuff then :wink:
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    The Hot Cross Buns were there at the beginning of Dec. - leftovers from last Easter ?
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    I'm waiting for the Back to School ads which arrive before they've broken up in July . . . . DD
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