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hi everyone im new and have been searching for answers for ages.my feet are a complete mess , had numerous operations due to artho of the big toe joints. had operations last june and october for non unions, just had left big toe done with titanium plate 6 screws and that was 21 october .not fused and plate has cracked in half, im know in plaster cast to see if fusion takes, anybody had succesfull fusion after 10 weeks of waiting please :roll:


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    Welcome to the forums. Am sure you will find information, support, advice and friendship here.

    I am one of the moderation team and we all have one or more of the 'Arthritis hanger ons' or care for family with the same.

    If you have any problems with the technicallities of the forum please private message us.

    Best wishes

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    Hello Shell. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've been having with your feet. It's a bit quiet on the forum at present as it's holiday time, but as folks make their creaky way back you may get more responses to your queries.
    Have any of the medics looked at reasons why your bone may be having problems healing? Some drugs and illnesses can affect bones, and low levels of VitD can prevent the body absorbing calcium effectively.
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    Hi shell123 and welcome from me too.

    It does look quiet on here. I'm newly back myself and it usually is around public holidays. Having said that I think you're in with a better chance of getting replies if you re-post on the Living With Arthritis forum.

    All my own fusions are DIY jobs but a few on here have had various different bits of their feet fused and might see your thread if you put it on their with a specific title.

    However, as daffy has said, there might be other reasons for your bones not healing. Have you been checked for osteoporosis?

    I hope you can find some satisfactory answers. Good luck.
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    Hi Shell, sorry I can`t help with your query, but I hope things improve for you soon.