Pusskins spoilt this Christmas!!

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Well this year Arnie & Willow where totally spoilt! Because my OH & I found it hard to think of what to get each other. So 'The Kids' got more presents. And they love them!!
So they got a scratch box, a purrfect arch and a catit senses food maze that Arnie has worked out how to do and even figured out how to cheat by knocking it over!! On the other hand Missy Willow has learned if Arnie does the hard work and she waits she can nick the treats!! So yes the rugrats have had a good Christmas!! :cheesygrin:


  • dachshund
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    Hello Bubbadog
    you do love them how old are Arnie and Willow now.
    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi bubba..they are funny to watch, I had a feeling they would be spoiled..sadly we dont have any pets now but next doors cats pay us a visit most day... :)
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    I'm glad they got loads of treats for Christmas. But what did they bring for you? I hope it wasn't a mouse or a bird or even worse a frog!

    Elizabeth xx