11 months after my Trapeziectomy still in terrible pain

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I am wondering if I am just very unlucky or if anyone else has had a similar experience and could offer advice or tips.
I have had pain I'm my hands for as long as I can remember and last year it got so bad I had to agree to treatment so in Feb this year (11 months ago) I had a Trapeziectomy on my right hand after many steroid injections and pain killers failed me.
Since Feb I have had 7 different casts on my right hand, 3 lots of steroid injections, been diagnosed with tendinitis and now CRPS. I have been put on 600mg of Pregabalin per day, dihydrocodone and Lidocaine patches for pain relief, 2 weeks ago I had a nerve block injections into my right hand to try and relieve pain. As I am today the Pregabalin is still not giving any pain relief after taking them for 2 months now, I have not had any pain relief at all from the nerve block, the only time I can get any pain relief is when I put the lidocaine patches on.
The pain I have is a dull ache all the time when I use my hands this progresses into a pain that sometimes I have to sit and cry, it feels like someone has my hand in a vice, it feels hot and I get funny white patches on the inside of my hand, the site where I hand the bone removed is very very painful and my thumb is completely numb down one side. I have a follow up apt regarding my nerve block in 4 weeks time and am seeing my go tomorrow regarding the Pregabalin not working.
Am I the unluckiest person on this planet or has anyone else has similar issues that could offer advice/support.
I am 45 years old but feel like 145 at the moment


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    Dear Shazlaz,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry to hear that after your surgery you've developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. You might well find it helpful to post on the Living with arthritis forum to hear back from any forum members who have experiences of complex regional pain syndrome.

    If you'd like to talk things over you'd be most welcome to ring us on on our free phone. It can be very useful to be able to describe how you are feeling - so why not call us?

    I hope we can offer some support.


    Kind regards

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    I am not a Helpline member, just a forum user. Of course you are unlucky - learning to live with constant pain is far from easy and, let's face it, the majority of the people we know don't have to do it. It is indeed a challenge and I empathise.

    I am a few years in with my arthritic conditions so have adjusted to matters as they are: the term pain 'relief' is a misnomer, we use the term pain 'dullers' on the LWA board because that is what they do, they dull the shaper edges allowing us to get on with things as best we can. I have never had a good result with injected steroids apart from one in my right ankle, that worked for a couple of months but the pain returned - so not a surprise! :wink: I suggest you repost on the LWA board - more people look in on that one and may be able to reply - all I've had done hand-wise was a double carpal tunnel.

    I wish you well. DD
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    Hi yeh I have just realised I've posted under the wrong forum thank you