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..........on the forum for me at present. My sister`s husband had a stroke two days before Christmas Eve, so I`m trying to be supportive. He`s only 57, and while things look better than they did initially, he`s very frustrated, and I need to be there for my sister when I can.

I haven`t been to their house today as he has an appointment with the ophthalmologist, and tbh, I`m glad of a day to myself. I know that sounds awful, but I`m just a bit tired.

I`ll post when I can, and hope everyone has a very Happy New Year.


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    ((())) That was / is a dreadful experience for all concerned but please don't apologise to us for your necessary absences and don't feel guilty about enjoying a day of respite.

    Supporting others can be hugely demanding emotionally and physically and, on here, we lack reserve tanks of both.

    Give yourself a bit of the tlc you've been handing out to others, Tezz. Do, or don't do, whatever takes your fancy. It will, in the end, benefit everyone not just yourself.
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    I am sorry to hear this Theresa, like SW says supporting others can be so tiring especially family...I bet your sister is so glad you are there for them, dont forget we are always here if you need to talk...(()) xx
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    Oh Tezz
    That is awful. Its tough going being a carer.
    You take as much time as you need. We aren't going anywhere.
    In fact I havent been on much. My pains have been a lot worse than normal.
    You take all the time you need and we'll be here

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    Sorry to read this and my best wishes to you and your family. Mig
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    I endorse everything everyone has said. The forum will miss you but you have more pressing concerns; it will be good to see you back when able. DD
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    How's it going, Tezz? For your sister and her husband but also for you. Emotional support can be draining.