RA and the Thyroid

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Ive committed the cardinal sin of googling it ,my gp might be thinking along the same lines as I'm having a blood test next week to check my vitamin d and thyroid levels now i have been on additional VD for 4weeks the blood test I had 4 weeks ago showed my VD level was right down,I suppose if you have one autoimmune disease you are open to others and I had lupus (sle) first then ra.
Oh and I have had scan appointment come through its on the 13th january its for a pelvis transvaginal scan ,I will want as many as possible to come with me but no looking.
Sorry if I waffled I'm still got xmas brain fog.
Oh and my daughters best friend is PA for Marcus Pierre White and she got me a personalised copy of his latest book. Mig


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    Just because they're checking doesn't mean to say you have a problem in that area, mig. I get the impression they do much more testing these days. Last time my iron levels were low they tested for umpteen things and all were OK.

    I've been on Vit D ever since the osteoporosis showed up. According to NHS Choices most people in UK over the age of 60 (65?) need it as we don't get enough sunshine.

    As for the scan – I'll bring a good book :wink:
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    Hello Mig, my last but one bloods show border line under active thyroid..so I have it checked at every blood test 4 times a year..so far so good..hope yours come back normal..x