Nearly four months since hip replacement update

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I have just posted this as a reply in 'one month post THR' and thought it may be useful to put it here too.

Hello All

I haven't forgotten the Forum entirely and the help and encouragement I received here. So here is an update on my progress. I am nearly four months post surgery now and I have to say I am delighted with the results of my op. I have been very lucky that my course has been straightforward. My arthritis was very severe in the right hip, it deteriorated really quickly last year. Luckily the left hip is way behind the right, although it is arthritic it has never caused me the problems that the right one did. I think this may in part be due to the fact that twenty or so years ago I had a lot of problems with my right Knee, requiring multiple surgeries for kneecap dislocation, in the end all the ligaments had to be tightened and the knee re-aligned. I think that long periods with my leg in plaster and inadequate physio afterwards contributed to my walking badly for many years and putting a lot of strain through the hip. In hindsight, taking up jogging as I approached mid 50s wasnt my best idea either.... :roll:

Today I am sitting at work (on the new office chair that was purchased for me as the old one had no lumbar support and little padding under my btm) ... with my work clothes I am wearing boots with a 7cm heel (unheard of to wear heels before surgery). I have NO pain in either hip. Sometimes I get a bit achy round the new hip joint after sitting for long periods.
I have set up a reminder on my computer screen that tells me every hour to 'get up, move and stretch'.
I can walk three miles without difficulty, with a few stops along the way and am challenging myself by signing up for a charity midnight walk in the summer which will be eight miles.
Currently waiting for a place at the local gym to do some structured sessions - this was set up via NHS physio who offered a 'wellness referral' for me after the routine physio sessions had come to an end.
I hope this encourages others who are facing surgery/recuperation soon. Sorry it is such a lengthy essay! I always have plenty to say :lol:


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    newhipandy wrote:
    Sorry it is such a lengthy essay! I always have plenty to say :lol:

    You always have plenty of good, optimistic things to say which are a joy to read. Obviously, a forum like ours is more likely to attract posts from people who are having difficulties. Not that you haven't had yours but you have always overcome them and are now reaping the rewards which is wonderful. Just how it should be. And it's good that you've taken the trouble to show others how well things can go. Keep at it :D
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    It's good to hear from you again and with such positive news. I hope those who join in the future facing their surgery will find your posts and feel encouraged. Alas LWA is very thin with good news, it's more usually a place for moans, groans, dismay and disappointment which at times isn't easy to respond to. I reckon you have joined that select band of people who no longer need us and that is lovely, it's the outcome that we all deserve but few attain.

    Good luck with the future and keep up the good work of enjoying the better quality of life you now have. I wish you very well. DD
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    I love your positive post and of course it will benefit people on here, you have done so well and its good to push that little bit further..sadly my back let me down when I had my first THR..but I am due to have my other hip done then my back op, and who knows what I will get up thankyou..and you keep up the good work
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    So pleased to hear that things are continuing to go well for you. I'm sure all your updates will be very helpful and encouraging to people who are "looking forward" to hip replacements.
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    Hi newhipandy
    Nice to hear from you again.Have followed your postings/updates with interest and was wondering how you were progressing.
    I am to probably to face a THR shortly and your experiences have been both informative and reassuring.
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