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Inside Health programme on Radio4 today, repeated Wednesday 3-30 pm, or available online, about relationship between muscle weakness and pain. Starts at about 6.5 mins in.
Interesting but frustrating. I don't know if there was anything at the end of the programme about how one can get the sort of help the consultant was talking about, but certainly no indication during the clip.


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    I listened online having read your post, daffy. Interesting and here for anyone interested. It only lasts about 5 minutes.

    Basic points made by the Prof of Rheumatology:

    1. He's talking about OA not inflammatory arthritis.

    2. Muscle weakness drives the pain.

    3. Most pain is from tendons due to doing everything wrongly because of the original joint pain.

    4. This tendon pain is reversible with exercise.

    5. Muscle strengthening exercises reduce the pain of OA.

    As for where to get the muscle strengthening exercises - I didn't listen on to the end of the prog but how about Arthritis Care's booklet? https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/managing-arthritis/diet-and-exercise/exercise-and-arthritis
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    Thanks for this Sticky. I posted in haste as I'd missed the 1st broadcast and listened online, but as you can see it was too late at night to do anything further that would make sense!
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    Oh been there and done that, daffy :lol:

    I found it interesting. To be honest I suspect the same would apply to inflammatory arthritis patients but they're always a bit more cautious with us.
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    That's interesting! It's taken 3 yrs but, I've finally been referred for Physio! Hopefully, it will make a difference!

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