Good riddance ...

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... to my pesky gallbladder. This is due to be done Sat - 16th Jan - and the day can't come quickly enough for me!

My gallbladder has been grumbling away like mad this week, I feel full of gas (apologies if you are reading this whilst eating), I'm struggling with bending and the novelty of clutching a hot water bottle to my gut has long since worn off. :roll:

I'm shattered with trying to get everything sorted out in readiness and am dreading the next couple of days as the hospital have asked me not to take my cod liver oil after today, but without that I stiffen up within 24 hours.

I'm not worried about the op itself, but am a little concerned that I can't take my Tramadol on Saturday morning. My pain meds keep me moving, so I'm just hoping that I don't have to wait too long on Saturday morning itself for the op and can then take my pain meds once I'm back on the ward. The consultant has said they'll want me out of bed as soon as possible after the op but I've had to explain (and will do so again on the day) that if my joints are too painful I won't be able to do this.

Afterwards, I'll be off sick from work for 3 weeks, have been told I can't lift anything heavier than 6lbs in weight for 8 weeks and will be trying to balance needing to rest to recover from the op but also trying to keep my joints moving. It'll be interesting, if nothing else.

I'm hoping my gallstones will return home with me - but in a plastic pot. I can then proudly display them on my desk when I get back to work and wave them at my Line Manager who seems to be rather squeamish! :lol::lol:

I'll not ask for pocket dwellers as I'm sure none of you want to be peering into my innards, but positive thoughts in my direction would be most welcome.



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    Good luck, I hope all goes well and there are ways of gently moving and stretching limbs whilst in bed to prevent 'seizing'. I hope you are allowed to keep your gallbladder - one of my major life plans was that, if allowed new knees, to ask for my old ones to be boiled and sheathed in clear plastic so I could use them as bookends. DD
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    Wishing you well for Saturday Grace..not long now then the awful pain will be gone...xx
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    Not too long to wait now. This is the difficult bit.

    It's best to move around after an op if at all possible. It can be very painful but gets less so. My view would be to do whatever is best for the immediate situation. Joints can be ridiculously stiff and painful but, with them, it's only pain. Using them won't create anything nasty.

    I've never desired to hang on to any bits that have been removed from me (Well, apart from the kids :lol: ) but, before my first TKR, when I was dozy with pre-med, my rheumatologist came panting up to the ward to ask if they could have my old knee for research. As long as I had the new one I didn't care what happened to the old one. Nice to think someone might have benefited from it even though it was useless to me.
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    Thanks for your replies. I'll be asking to keep the gallstones but they can do as they wish with the gallbladder itself.

    I've done quite well today with my list of jobs and got a fair bit done. My list for tomorrow is not nice to look at but at least I'll be able to tick things off as I get them done. I'm not expecting to achieve everything and what doesn't get done won't matter.

    It's turned cold here in Kent and my joints are making their displeasure with the weather well and truly known.

    I'll post an update all being well on Monday.

    Take care everyone,
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    have only just looked at this grace where I Kent do you live I have family in Margate and Ramsgate who I visit about twice a year