Preventing overstretrching shoulder

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I am right handed and have right shoulder pain. Its made worse by using the mouse moving my arm back and forward. How can I restrict the movement in my shoulder but still use the mouse Thoughts that occur are some sort of bandage. brace or sitting forward so don't have to move mouse too far or using other hand


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    What about using a tracker ball control? Basically it's an upside down mouse with a large ball , you then just have to move the ball with your hand rather than the mouse. Thinking about this for you makes me wonder why I haven't got one at work already myself!
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    Or just use your left hand half the time. It's what I do. It soon 'learns'.
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    It seems obvious but if you know what is causing the trouble then changing the way you do it is key. Either invest in a different mouse, experiment with a trackpad, try a tablet - all can be done in any computer store so you can find what suits you for the current time. I found that improving my posture at the keyboard made a difference, sitting straighter and not hunched over benefits more than just the spine. Maybe being seated higher would also help. Do little and often rather than long sessions involving the repetitive movement which is causing the trouble. DD
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