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Well I was called in only 5 minutes late and the Dr then apologised for keeping me waiting but hehad wanted to read through my notes as I am an unusual case.
The EMG showed up no problems with my right side, but some muscle weakness in my left shoulder and arm but nothing of a neurological nature. I mentioned that I keep dropping little things on a daily basis, silly things and not when I'm concentrating, I said this was mainly my left hand and only occasionally my right and he said yes.
We then discussed my neck and arm pain, he asked questions and listened so I felt able to talk to him and not feel I was just complaining or exaggerating. He said it was all typical of Cervical Spondylosis including the fact my arms often feel heavy and he asked what I found the greater problem, pain or dropping thi gs and fumbling.
He then said if I wanted further neck surgery they would consider it but they were not going to suggest it as I got limited benefits from it last time so they were not keen to put me through it again.
So....stay on my current strong meds, and they will see me again in 6 months as they want to keep me under review. If the pain has got worse they will then offer me pain killing injections.

So a mixed bag, I'm obviously relieved that there is nothing nasty neurologically speaking but I was shocked to hear that I am at the surgery threshold again even though it's not being offered, and I quite understand why. I'm also feeling quite down and weepy about the fact there is nothing else they can do surgically. I know I should be pleased about no surgery, especially with HR on my case, but ...well


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    Hi Slosh,

    As you say a mixed bag and I understand totally where you are coming from with regard to surgery/no surgery and the 'ís this as good as it gets then' feeling.

    It is all so hard to deal with and even harder when there is no easy fix. When I saw the Pain Management doctor she said the biggest thing I need to do is to get my head around the fact that this is the way things are and not continually fight it but I believe that it is human to fight and you have been fighting this for a long time now. Trying to take all this on board is so hard.

    Thinking of you Slosh and hoping that you are okay.
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    Thanks Rayray,off to work today so "happy face" back on though emotionally I still feel a bit shaky and that's not good for a couple of meetings I have today. I'm sorry I didn't reply to your post yesterday, I'm really pleased your appointment went well and hope your surgery is successful.
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    Hmmm, a real curate's egg of an appointment. It still surprises me how much I have to concentrate when walking, making a cup of tea, preparing food, anything really; my best guess is that the continual pain interferes with my concentration so I have to be more aware of what I am doing. I'm not a dropper but I am a swiper / knocker over-er of some style. :)

    It's not easy knowing that this is it for the foreseeable future, all of us on here know that but whether we really understand what it means is another matter. Fighting against it requires energy we may not have and drains us further so is, ultimately, self-defeating. Accepting that things are as they are, and working within the imposed confines, is strangely liberating. Take time to absorb what you have been told, be kind to yourself with little treats and take each day as it comes. ((( ))) DD
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    Pleased at not having surgery is one thing but not having surgery because it won't help much is another. It's tough accepting that this is probably as good as it gets but at least he is willing to review matters as and when you wish.

    I think we sometimes invest these appointments with a great deal of unexplored emotions ie just hoping something good will come of them though we're not sure what. That's also mixed in with a lot of unspecific fears. When they're over almost, you could say, neutrally, all those emotions have to go somewhere and they roll round in our heads for a while until they find a route out.

    I'm glad you don't require more surgery right now. That would complicate a few things, wouldn't it? He seems to be monitoring you well. That's a plus. And we are here to listen and empathise.
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    Thank you both, I had a bit of a session of feeling sorry for myself last night and didn't tell myself off for feeling like that and did indulge myself.
    Back to work today and my lovely, honestly reading groups. You have to smile when you get asked if it feels "cool" to walk with crutches! My reply was that they didn't make me feel cool but safe.
    It is reassuring that they are continuing to keep an eye on me and the Dr I saw was quite apologetic that there was nothing he could do for me, and unlike some I have seen didn't just make me feel that I was making a fuss about nothing.
    DD, I am also quite good at the swipe but my speciality is thinking I have hold of something in my left hand when I don't. My groups are quite used to me dropping cards when trying to shuffle them. It's a weird thing, if I'm focused it's usually ok as long as it's nothing too heavy, it's things like unscrewing milk bottle tops or picking up pens that gets me. At least I know what it is and it's nothing to worry about.
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    Hello slosh
    Its good you were able to talk to him,and makes such a difference when they listen..you are allowed to indulge yourself after all you have gone through..and its good that some of the worry is taken away..

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