Oh what a beautiful morning!

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And it is. The garden is heavily rimed with frost, the grass is silvery, the birdbath frozen over, even the tops of the conifers have a lovely white fringe. The sky is clear, the sun is shining and I feel somewhat energised due to all the brightness: that probably won't last but it's a nice feeling!

Wherever you are make sure you keep as warm as you can - the cold snap is ending over the weekend so I daresay we'll return to the grey and drips. UGH. DD


  • daffy2
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    Same here DD, where the fog is lifting. There's no doubt that seeing the sun is a great boost to the spirits even if it is accompanied by cold - but it's dry which is easier to deal with. The past few days of sun and frost have been a welcome reminder that the days are getting longer as well - not something easily appreciated in wall to wall gloom when lights have to go on at midday.
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    We had your lovely weather yesterday, I love cold sunny winter days,today is dull but dry that will do for now.. :)
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    That does sound beautiful. We had our lovely days like that around Christmas. Today is dark, cold and pouring rain. My least favorite of the winter weather. Come on, lets have some drab days without rain, at least! We're saturated!

    Enjoy it, DD. I hope it lasts.....
  • stickywicket
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    It was indeed. With a lovely sunrise. Then it turned into a damp afternoon and a miserable evening but, hey, more please. I loved it.